Things to do in Bogota

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As the capital city of the Republic of Colombia, you can find the perfect business city teeming with fascinating historical sites, magnificent architecture and vibrant culture and nightlife, Bogotá holds rich rewards for all who visit.  And the central location of Hotel 101 Park House – nestled in the heart of the North Bogotá neighbourhood - beckons guests to experience life in Bogotá at “101%.”

This capital city offers the finest in shopping, dining, sightseeing and cultural experiences. Colombia is known for its studies in contrast: the jungle, the beaches and the snow-capped mountains; a modern, fast-paced city and colonial architecture and culture; the high class, fine-dining experiences and the authentic and casual nibbles in the stalls of a crowded market.

One of the more fascinating aspects of this diversity is the wealth of experiences available to visitors.   If colonial charm is what you seek, the weathered cobblestone streets point you to towns that carry on as if trapped in a picturesque time warp. One can relax under the omnipresent sunshine on the beaches, and then trek a few short hours to a tropical rainforest that rests on the banks of the mighty Amazon River. All that big-city life has to offer can be found in the capital of Bogotá, and the snow-capped Andean peaks beckon intrepid hikers.

Whenever you find you have a moment to explore, please check in with our highly skilled concierge. We can easily arrange any adventure you choose and will be delighted to fill a few days or even a few short hours with an experience you will not soon forget.

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