101 Park House Suites & Spa Specials

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Extended Stay Plans

Extended Stay Plans

Make your next extended stay in Bogotá feel a little more like home at 101 Park House.  For visits of a week, a month or more, our spacious suites blend the comfort and privacy of a private apartment with the discreet yet engaging attention of a five-star boutique hotel.

Hotel 101 Park House Extended Stay Services offered

  • Movie tickets 
  • Movie rentals 
  • Car rental 
  • Laundry services
  • Grocery delivery
  • Gym & Spa
  • Child care 
  • Golf and tennis lessons 
  • City & shopping tours 
  • Storage
  • Pre-paid cell phone
  • Unpacking and packing service
  • Pet-friendly services, including obedience classes

Hotel Services / Extended Stay Tax:

  • Laundry Services: discount
  • Life Miles with Avianca or American Airlines Advantage Miles (more than 1600 - Free)
  • Dinner included: discount
  • Spa Treatments: discount
  • Grocery shopping delivery: Free
  • Pack/Unpack: Free
  • Cellular rental: Free
  • VIP Attention: Free
  • Medical Services in your suite: Free
  • Welcome cocktail: Matiz Restaurant, La Tienda del café, Habana Restaurant - Free

Other Hotel Services:

  • Assist Card for 16 days: $62 USD
  • Vehicle rental for 15 days: 10% discount
  • City Tour for 6 hours: 10% discount
  • One Golf class: 10% discount
  • One tennis class: 10% discount
  • One Spanish class: 10% discount
  • Daily child care service: $ 61.000 COP
  • Dog school for five days: $ 310.250 COP

Long Stay Value Packet: During your long stay, please enjoy these other venues associated with 101 Park House:

  • For children: The Academy, Show Place, Panaca Park, Mind of Kids
  • Restaurants: Matiz, Andrés Carne de Res, Leo Cocina y Cava, Criterión
  • Entertainment: Tu BoletA, Colombia Quest, La Verdieri, Bed Bad and Barrel, Martes de Visa, Health: Bodytech, Rada Cassab, Skin Institute